How to Avoid FOG this Holiday Season

How to Avoid FOG this Holiday Season

Fog hanging over a valley in the early morning hours can give you an eerie feeling. FOG in your septic system can be even worse, especially during the holiday season when you have a house full of guests.

Just like an eerie fog creeps over the landscape, FOG, as in “Fats, Oils, and Grease,” can be even scarier for your septic system. Keep these tips in mind so you can avoid FOG in your septic system this holiday season.

F: Trim the fat…but, don’t put it down the drain.

When preparing holiday meals, be aware of what goes down your kitchen drain. Trim your turkey, and trim any fat into a disposable container or plastic bag that you can seal and throw out.

Remind guests that everything that goes down your drain, including fat, goes through your plumbing and into your septic system. Your septic tank isn’t designed to break down everything. It’s designed to break down human waste and toilet paper.

If you can keep everything else out of the tank, you reduce the risk of backups and overflows. And, nobody looks forward to that any time of year, especially not during the busy holidays.

O: The health benefits of oils have an adverse effect on septic systems.

You may be aware of the benefits of olive oil and coconut oil for healthier cholesterol levels and softer skin, but oils won’t benefit your septic system. You may be tempted to dispose of cooking oils at your kitchen sink out of convenience, but think twice before you do.

A septic system contains living organisms that digest and treat waste, naturally. When you pour substances like oil down the drain, you run the risk of killing these organisms or greatly impairing their function. Pour leftover or unused oils into a container so you can store or dispose of them properly.

G: Grease isn’t healthy for you or the septic tank.

If eating too many greasy foods can clog your arteries, imagine what it can do to your septic tank. Yuck! It’s tempting to dump the grease from a frying pan down the kitchen drain. But, as grease cools, it solidifies, causing clogs in your septic system.

After you fry bacon for that special holiday breakfast with family, pour leftover grease into a glass or metal container and let it cool. Once solidified, you can toss it into the trash. If you don’t have a container, you can put grease in a bowl and freeze it, then scoop it into the trash.

Now that you know how to avoid FOG during the upcoming holidays, you can hopefully avoid a potential plumbing disaster, too. But, should the occasion arise, it’s good to know that Paradise Septic will be there for you – during the holidays and every day – with our 50 years of experience serving the Phoenix Valley and surrounding areas.


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