septic system installation

Septic System Installation: Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals

septic system installation

Building your own home on bare land is a romantic idea that many people fall in love with. But when it comes to installing your septic system, it is essential to leave it to a contracted professional.

Just the maintenance of a septic system can be a hazardous and dangerous undertaking, let alone its installation. Beyond that, here are some of the major reasons you should consider a professional.


Some people think they are just installing a tank to hold waste, but your septic system is far more complex than that. There are multiple chambers, mixers, baffles, and delicate valves that all need to be installed perfectly when it comes to your septic system. In addition, maintaining proper bacteria levels and making sure to leave clear paths for maintenance are also a headache. If you aren’t familiar with working with a septic system, you may find yourself overwhelmed in the task, and install something improperly.


One of the biggest reasons, beyond romantic notions, for building your own home is to cut down on costs, however, when it comes to your septic system, one small mistake in installation could lead to catastrophic costs and problems a year or two down the road.

Again, it is not an easy system to install. Mistakes happen and your materials could be damaged before you even install them. In fact, even if done right the material cost is high—and when it comes down to it, unless you are a septic professional yourself, the odds are stacked against you. You are almost be guaranteed to save money by having a professional install your septic system.


It is worth noting additionally, that every septic system’s installation requires a permit that can be hard to obtain, and goes on public record.

If you fail to properly install your septic system, you can start polluting water sources nearby, which, especially if you’ve installed it yourself, will lead to fines and infractions. Some areas will even fine you for sewage surfacing above ground as well. The thought of accidentally infecting your own water with your sewage is bad enough, but infecting the water sources around you is a distinct possibility as well.

Paradise Septic Services

If you’re looking for a professional to install your septic—which, unless you’re intimately familiar with the process, you should be—contact Paradise Septic today by visiting their website or calling at (480) 443-5923.


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